New website, new version, new stuff

by me, Andrea, the human behind the project

It has been a more than a month since the last (and first 🥇 update) and we are still quite far to have a smooth delivery of updates, but anyway done is better then perfect so here we are!

New website! after tinkering with a few options, I’ve set up a custom made static website: and this substack for the newsletter. Nice and easy.

New version! Today I’ve shipped a new version, the 0.14.0, it contains mostly “under the hood” changes, not much to show for it, but scroll until the end to check the changelog. On the dev side, from this release I’m using deepsource for code quality analysis and sentry for error logging; that should help with keeping VALIS well behaved going forward.

Now what? For the VALIS product, in terms of features, the effort going on is going to be concentrated on improving interactivity, that is to give more options to enter pieces of texts. This is going to get exciting since we are going to leverage the Zettlekasten methodology, that fits right within VALIS.

… Orrait, but what is it then this VALIS? About that, in the next updates I’ll be dedicating more time in showcasing VALIS, so stay tuned! but also, be patient! 🧘

That’s all for today and if you have any questions, do write me!

0.14.0 - 2020-06-28

    add deepsource configuration
    add sentry for error logging
    changed usage of title and type for event
    allow to seed data from json files
    add ground support for json import
    add the ability to scan for tagged entities in text
    off the records hashtags are configuratble in settings
    add database caching for names --> uid


    prevent accidental modification using the sudo rdf command
    get the correct tenant and sponsor for new users


    code cosmetic changes
    minor improvements to the default seed data
    db layer code refactoring